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Tahiti 2005

  • In February, 2005 a scientific party departed from Papetee, Tahiti to sail into the roaring forties and fearsome fifties to hunt for 55 million year old sediment. These are my favourite pictures of more than 300 taken documenting this adventure.
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February 01, 2009


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Twix? Isn't that a cereal or a snack food or something? I'm so out of it.


Ah, the Sproul - some good memories from that little ship. Hopefully the crew were as nice as I remember. I noticed at least one wet pant cuff in the photo - the fantail on the Sproul is the worst! Well, its great for launching gliders and stuff, but don't forget your work boots. Glad you had a successful cruise. I head off to Chile at the end of the month...

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